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  • 2012 1-2 month logistics operation2017-04-24

    Affected by the domestic economic growth slowed and the Spring Festival holiday, 1-2 months of this year, China's logistics demand growth has declined, the total social logistics costs of steady growth, fixed asset investment in logistics industry declin

  • Bottleneck and solution of e-commerce logistics development2017-04-24

    The Yearbook of World Chinese business economy in June 29, 2011, the author of this paper: Yang Tao e-commerce is the unity of information flow, capital flow and logistics. However, with the popularization and application of electronic commerce, log

  • Look at the loss of profit from the logistics chain2017-04-24

    October 13th news, logistics, a new vocabulary. Three or four years ago, all walks of life have been crazy pursuit of a, until today is still popular. What book logistics, automobile logistics, postal logistics, logistics, logistics and so on glass shoes.

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