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Logistics to help the Internet + Intelligent Development

Befrom:FITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime:2017-04-24 17:10:21

During the Spring Festival, is a concentrated period of Chinese consumer, Ali, Jingdong and other major electricity supplier, 2016 have to create special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, flower do mind strong suction gold. At the same time, as an indispensable part of the electricity supplier can not escape the riveting strength, the Spring Festival staged last crazy". It is not difficult to find that consumers in the price of the product, more attention to the speed and quality of logistics.

In fact, the logistics industry has been closely linked with people's production and life, "Internet plus" strong incoming, but also to the traditional logistics industry has brought the infinite expansion and rising space.

In this regard, shortly before the 2015 Chinese logistics industry ten news "Wang Guanghong said that the development of logistics in the Internet cannot do without the support of information technology," Internet plus "is a catalyst for the development of the logistics industry, the flagship brand of Cao Cao Cao Caowu, the company's logistics network flow APP will help build Chinese fastest logistics company.

Logistics enterprises should take the initiative to embrace the "Internet plus"

The British scholar Martin Christopher once pointed out: "the logistics market only supply chain and enterprises, between enterprises and enterprises in twenty-first Century competition is not competition, but between supply chain and supply chain competition".

Especially in the "Internet plus" era, as the logistics enterprises, in order to win the competition in the future, you need to take the initiative to embrace the "Internet plus" caused by changes in supply chain and business opportunities for innovation.

In this regard, Wang Guanghong believes that in the long circulation and chaos, inefficient traditional supply chain, the application of intelligent transportation to mobile Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data technology in product traceability, on-line scheduling, automatic delivery, intelligent distribution and other fields, to realize the logistics management, reasonable loading, convenient order intelligent scheduling, tracking, delivery and other transportation network visualization, standardization and intelligent and lean on the Internet and cloud, can make more "intelligent logistics".

Intelligent logistics will be in the supply side of the real formation and establishment of service oriented high-quality business, to create new customer value, break the industry pain points and profit problems." Wang Guanghong said.

It is understood that Jiangsu Rongyu network science and technology limited company has invested heavily in the development of car networking and physical networking platform for the integrated management of Cao Cao logistics network, through the website, WAP, mobile phone SMS / MMS, mobile phone to download the APP software to publish and query the latest logistics information. By saying "China said Cao Cao to Cao Cao," for the purpose, in order to Chinese logistics service concept, logistics industry practitioners, to provide timely, effective, large amounts of data and related to the high price, affordable and value-added services.

Smart supply chain boost supply side structural reforms

In the face of the future direction of development, Wang Guanghong also Cao Cao logistics as an example, interpretation of their direction: "a single-minded, adhere to the professional people to do professional things, Cao Cao only members and businesses docking logistics platform, give full play to the role of the platform; two services, namely full service cooperation, refueling highway station, gas stations, banks, insurance companies and other enterprises, the national service driver, logistics industry chain enterprises, the owner of such members; three mode refers to the platform for their own profit model, so that cooperation mode and allow members to save money but money can enjoy high quality service mode."

Wang Guanghong further explained that only you can create wealth can grow, depending on the capital development of the company adhere to the win-win, very careful; cooperation and common development of enterprises can be sustained for a long time, not to let the cooperation enterprises disorderly competition, fake is prohibited to enter the trading platform; strive to let members enjoy more quality, real service, timely solve the needs of members provide real, car source, sources of information.

In 2016, the "supply side structural reform" began to lead the economic development of the game Chinese. At present, the cost of capital, land and labor is more and more expensive, the enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation, improve capital efficiency, innovative products, the construction of new ecological industries to achieve profitability. Wang Guanghong said that the wisdom of supply chain in the "release of new demand, create new supply potential, just to meet the internal demand of promoting enterprise business form, business model and technology upgrade, further gave birth to the new format of intelligent design, customization, service-oriented manufacturing, industrial cloud, intelligent transportation are the" become an important foothold supply side structural reform ".