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Medium and long term planning of logistics industry development in Shaanxi

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 17:06:05

By 2020 the logistics industry will become a pillar industry in the service industry

National A-class logistics enterprises reached 100

Taking Xi'an as the core to build the "1 - 3 -" type node logistics distribution network in

Recently, the provincial government issued "the development of the logistics industry in Shaanxi province and long-term planning (2015-2020)", the deployment to accelerate the development of modern logistics industry, establish and perfect modern logistics service system, improve the logistics industry development level, to build a well-off society to provide logistics service guarantee.

"Planning" proposed, to 2020, to build a basic modern logistics service system network system integrity, reasonable layout, advanced technology, environmental protection, safety and high efficiency, the formation of domestic and international logistics, virtual logistics integration, synchronous manufacturing logistics linkage development, the logistics industry will become the pillar industry of service industry in our province. Shaanxi to build a "The Belt and Road international logistics center. By 2020, reduce the total social logistics costs accounted for the ratio of GDP to about 14% lower than it is now about 2 percentage points lower; the total freight average annual growth of about 8%, reaching 25 tons, the railway freight reached about 25% of the proportion of air cargo throughput reached 300 thousand tons; the logistics industry to increase the value of the average growth rate of GDP growth rate of 2 - 3 percentage points, the proportion of GDP increased by about 1 percentage points, the National A-class logistics enterprises reached 100, 5A grade enterprises reached 10, the average profit rate increased by 2 percentage points.

"Planning" clear, to accelerate the development and expansion of logistics enterprises, and actively introduce Japan express logistics, Alibaba and other e-commerce headquarters offices in our province, enhance the ability of distributed logistics industry in our province and the level of opening up; to build a logistics infrastructure network, with Xi'an as the core node, Baoji, Yulin, as a healthy three the node, Tongchuan, Weinan, Yanan, Hanzhoung, Shangluo, Yangling six city (District) level two nodes, counties (autonomous regions and municipalities) for three level nodes, to create "1 - 3 - 6" node of city logistics distribution network; strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in aviation logistics and the development of new formats, Xi'an Xianyang International Airport planning planning three, third, five, eight for the national air traffic rights pilot; to enhance cargo handling, park gathering, information integration, customs clearance and supply chain finance can Force, the introduction of Qingdao port office and well-known international companies settled, supporting the establishment of about 10 national demonstration logistics park; ensure consumer goods, industrial products, commodities, logistics and foreign trade flow, to build the national headquarters base express enterprises, and strive to 2020, the courier business volume reached 1 billion, FedEx industry's annual income reached 10 billion yuan.

"Planning" requirements, to strengthen the logistics policy implementation supervision and inspection efforts, a list, to implement the logistics industry; to enjoy industrial storage land policy; including speeding up the establishment of financial capital and social capital investment, the multi-level security system, study the establishment of province logistics industry investment fund etc..