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Analysis of the logistics industry for 5 consecutive years of weak road freight

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 17:03:01

Highway freight market

The first half of 2015, the road freight market continues to show a weak trend. The completion of the highway freight volume of 162.9 tons, an increase of 6.2%, the growth rate down 3 percentage points over the same period last year; finished goods turnover 29531 billion ton km, an increase of 6.4%, the growth rate down 3.5 percentage points over the same period last year. Highway freight volume and turnover has declined for 5 consecutive years.

Affected by demand, road freight prices are relatively low. In June 12th, the China Federation of logistics and purchasing released the China road freight index. June China road logistics freight index was 99.4 points, down by 3.9% over the previous month, down by more than the beginning of the year, down by 8.9% over the same period last year, the overall trend continues to fall, but the decline in the ring than in May narrowed somewhat more than in. From the sub index, the bulk of the vehicle index continued to fall, mainly to consumer goods index rebounded.

From the truck sales data, but also reflects the weakness of the road freight market. Data show that the first half of 2015, the cumulative production and sales of 1 million 482 thousand and 300 trucks and a total of 1 million 472 thousand and 700, down by 17.71% and a year earlier, a decline of more than the same period last year increased by 16.67 percentage points and 12.56 percentage points. Among them, the heavy truck sales of 297 thousand and 500 vehicles and 295 thousand and 500, 32.93% and 31.13% year-on-year decline; medium truck sales were 93 thousand and 100, 28.08% and 28.27% year-on-year decline; light truck sales of 827 thousand and 500 vehicles and 814 thousand and 500, 13.56% and 13.63% year-on-year decline; mini truck sales of 264 thousand and 200 cars and 269 thousand and 600 vehicles, production fell 2.48%, sales growth of 0.28%. In addition to micro card, the various segments of the market showed varying degrees of decline, indicating that the future prospects of the road freight market confidence.

Collection of loans and other financial innovation to solve the industry pain points. In recent years, the emergence of logistics companies running events, the vast majority of the collection is due to misappropriation of money, bring greater negative impact on society. As a kind of financial business in the process of long-term development of the industry, the collection of money is one of the important business of road freight enterprises, but also an important source of profit for enterprises. Some large enterprises, such as SF, Debon are carrying out payment collection business. At the same time, the collection of money leads to a lot of money to stay in the logistics business accounts, due to the lack of effective industry regulation and corporate risk control, bring greater risk of non-compliance. A long-term concern of HYT logistics technology collecting payment risk management (Tianjin) Limited financial services platform launched E-COD easy collection, was released by industry attention, some large enterprises rely on the advantages of Internet information platform is also increasing efforts to promote the collection of money.

Continued fiery car matching market to rational. Located in the city was the speed of hard goods vehicle + Express service, after joining Tianjin after the year in succession, and the auspicious air (603885), deep international, Debon logistics, Vientiane logistics logistics enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation. Through complementary resources, the process of docking, effectively make up for the lack of cooperation in the end of the company's ability to distribute the ills, enhance the customer service experience, but also to expand its own service network. In addition, the number one truck with the world Arima reached a strategic cooperation to provide the city's transport and terminal collection process in the car demand services. Online and offline from the opposite to the strong linkage, deepen the transformation of the integration trend.

Provinces have started to adjust the highway toll. Such as Hunan, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yunnan, Hebei, Shanxi province. The main approach is to increase the cost of overloaded vehicles charging standards, improve the overloading of illegal transport costs, the main purpose is to effectively curb the excessive overloading of highway illegal behavior. Due to the domestic overloading and overrun standards are not unified, the provinces are not consistent with the management of overloading and overloading, which leads to the enterprise, especially the individual driver, is not conducive to the establishment of a unified market.

Ministry of transportation to speed up the standardization of the start model. From the beginning of 2016, with 3-5 years to completely change the backward appearance of freight vehicle equipment. The first half of the "road vehicles of dimensions, axle load and limit value" (GB1589) for public comment, the new Ge axle vehicle truck, semi-trailer length limit adjustment, articulated train length limit, vehicle width limit, axle load and total quality, tail plate installation, unified specification for vehicle. At the same time, some provinces and cities in the pilot car trains to explore the upgrading of China's freight vehicle equipment level. Because the vehicle transport vehicle models and some other areas of serious violations, the future implementation of standards is also facing a daunting challenge, need to gradually unify the industry consensus, the rational design of the transition plan, and do basic norms implementation.

Start the national highway management information system interoperability. Department of transportation requirements, the full realization of the national highway based data sharing exchange in 2015, before the end of 2016, to achieve national, province, city and county four transportation systems business comprehensive coordination. This is the next step to change the industry regulation, improve the scientific nature of the industry to provide information support. The future, industry of common concern to the business of road transport, vehicles and personnel information all can achieve online inquiries, and the integration with the key operating vehicle network control system, realize the relation management of the freight industry, car and house.

The survival status of truck drivers is widely concerned by the society. The working environment, living conditions, welfare and social security of the first line truck drivers are at a low level, lack of industry identity. The Ministry of transport China United Federation of logistics and purchasing for truck drivers and other units jointly issued a written proposal, at the same time to start the special action, the core purpose is to let the truck driver, decent work, happy life, build a harmonious labor relation of road freight industry. Currently, the follow-up is in progress.

Two, railway freight market

In the first half of 2015, railway freight continued to decline significantly. National railway freight volume completed 17 tons, down by 10.1%, including the completion of the national railway freight volume of 13.8 tons, down by 9.6%. The completion of the railway freight turnover 1 trillion and 200 billion ton kilometers, down 11.4%. Railway freight has been more than a quarter of micro growth or negative growth.

Railway Freight reform continues to deepen. April, China Railway Corporation held a modern railway logistics construction site meeting, made a comprehensive deepening of freight reform, accelerate the development of modern logistics transformation of major decisions. The goal is: strive to use 3 years or so, and strive to develop into a leading domestic railway, the world first-class, the most competitive market of modern logistics enterprises. Including major reform measures: one is the full implementation of the open acceptance, directly handled; two is the full implementation of the price of services; three is to expand the white goods logistics market; four is to create efficient personalized products on time; the five is to vigorously promote the containerized transport; the six is to implement The Belt and Road strategy to build international logistics brand; the seven is best bulk cargo transportation security; eight is actively constructing logistics services system; the nine is to carry out logistics Turnkey Business; the ten is to strengthen the construction of logistics infrastructure; eleven is the implementation of Internet plus strategy; twelve is to accelerate the construction of logistics information.

Significant reform of railway freight. In the first half of this year, the national railway scattered cargo volume reached 9 million 810 thousand tons, is the first half of last year, the times of 115 times. Among them, 108 pieces of bulk white goods express daily load of 1802 vehicles, compared with the first half of last year, an increase of 36.6%. Bulk cargo is enhanced significantly in the transport level, from the logistics enterprises to reduce costs for the direction of development, and actively expand the container into the box category, railway transport, rail transport, air and railway transport etc. multiple transportation modes. Container traffic grew by 12%, the organization of the opening line of the Central Bank of China, the list of 242, an increase of 164, an increase of 210%. So far, the country has nearly 2000 freight station can be used to transport goods, can use social transport vehicle 9 units, a total of about 36000000 tons of white goods transport, transport accounted for 23% of the amount of the freight yard, has to undertake the project of white goods logistics total number 700, send about 5200000 tons.

The implementation of Internet plus strategy. April 10th China Railway 95306 site on-line test run, can provide railway freight e-commerce services, I want to start shipping, freight inquiries, cargo tracking and other rail freight business. 95306 and early 12306 launched the website together, constitute an important platform for the implementation of railway passenger and freight Internet plus strategy. In addition, 95306 sites can also provide commodity trading services, support eleven category materials online transactions and provide supporting logistics services; provide commodity trading services, including commodity purchase, online payment, logistics and distribution, network marketing, customer service and other functions. According to statistics, as of July 19th, has accumulated more than 10 enterprises registered, on-line display of nearly 2.3 enterprises, turnover of more than 8000 single, turnover of nearly 1 tons, worth more than $72 billion.

From 0:00 on July 1st onwards, the implementation of the new national railway train diagram. Serve the country The Belt and Road strategy, optimize the new EU Transport Organization, central column class trains, arrange central trains 21, central trains 17, compared with the original operation chart of each column increased 2. In order to speed up the development of modern railway logistics, new arrangements for freight trains 165, 6 increase compared with the original operation chart column. Among them, Cross Railway Bureau Freight Express train 18, express cargo trains 10, fast freight trains 36, container trains 5, iron transport container 30 trains, train cargo trains 28.

Railway freight rates again. In early 2015, the national development and Reform Commission issued on the adjustment of railway freight prices to further improve the price formation mechanism of the notice, the appropriate adjustment of railway freight transport prices. From an average of 14.51 cents per ton to raise the value of up to $15.51, and as a benchmark price, allowing the appropriate floating, floating up to a maximum of no more than 10%, not limited to float downward, tariff floating policy implemented since August 1, 2015. Regulate the price of charges outside the behavior of the cancellation of the railway transport enterprises to charge bulk cargo logistics services. This is the eleventh time since 2003, China raised railway freight rates. The national railway freight turnover volume is about 2 trillion and 700 billion years / km, as such estimates, the price adjustment is expected to increase the revenue of about $40 billion for the China railway company.

Three, waterway freight market

In the first half of 2015, water freight growth slowed. In the first half of the national waterway cargo volume of 29.2 tons, an increase of 3.3%, the completion of the volume of goods turnover of 44309 tons, down by 1%. In the first half, the country over the size of the port cargo throughput of 56.7 tons, an increase of 2.6%, the growth rate down by 2.6 percentage points over the same period last year. Among them, the completion of foreign trade cargo throughput of 17.8 tons, down by 0.6%, to complete the container throughput of 102 million 730 thousand TEUs, an increase of 6.1%, the growth rate over the same period last year increased by 0.4 percentage points. Port foreign trade production showed a decline in imports, export growth characteristics of the operation, the first 5 months of foreign trade in the port fell by 4.5%, foreign trade volume increased by 9.4%.

The coastal bulk cargo transport market situation was suppressed after yang. April 10th Shanghai Shipping Exchange released in China's coastal (bulk cargo) composite freight index hit a new low since its release in 2001, 807.94 points in the first half of an average of 858.25 points, down by 19%.

Export container shipping market continues to decline. Affected by continued growth in capacity, market supply and demand imbalance, the majority of airline market prices are not rising or falling, the composite index continued to fall. In June, Chinese export container freight index issued by the Shanghai shipping exchange with an average of 847.6 points, down 4.5% mom; Shanghai export container freight index average of 603.1 points, down 18.9% mom.

Internet plus shipping cooperation start. At the beginning of May, Chinese traffic information center reached Internet plus shipping cooperation with ALI cloud. Running in the cloud on the treasure ship network 2 system officially released. With this system, the public can query any ship real time position and historical track. Treasure boat network also announced plans to join Ali and so on, open to the whole society data interface.