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State Post Bureau heavy blows from June to carry out special action to clean up the courier market

Befrom:FITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime:2017-04-24 17:12:02

June onwards, the country will carry out a special action to clean up the express market, in order to curb the conduct of the business of the courier business without permission, maintaining the order of the courier market. According to the State Post Bureau, to further deepen the reform, strengthen the pipe service courier market supervision, the State Post Bureau for the current high licensing such violations of the situation, and punished in accordance with the normative requirements, decided to start the special rectification action, and put forward specific requirements on the implementation steps of work key.

The special rectification action continued until the end of December, the postal administrative departments will take the initiative to strictly control the formation of a high pressure situation against the express business license illegal acts in the country, maintaining the express market order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of express industry.

The national post market supervision department official said that recently, the individual enterprise without obtaining a license to express business, or even obtain express business license but carried out over the range of express delivery business, especially in the express delivery business on behalf of illegal recruit franchisees, seriously disrupt the express market order, but also misleading the majority intends to invest in the courier industry to join, resulting in irreparable economic losses. In this regard, the State Post Bureau issued regulatory tips, according to relevant laws and regulations on the main requirements.

On this basis, the State Post Bureau decided in a nationwide express market special rectification action, focused on investigating the following illegal acts: without the express business license, did not change the procedures according to the provisions, the establishment of branches without registration, super regional scope, entrust unauthorized business license or super scope of commission management. In violation of regulations to join, fails to submit an annual report, stop the operation did not inform and return the license, and obtaining business license, filing and alteration of resort to deceit behavior.

The special action will be divided into three steps". Before the end of May to mobilize the deployment phase, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) postal management departments according to the actual situation in the area of industry to formulate detailed implementation plan, the deployment of special rectification work. From June to November for the special inspection stage, requiring the postal management departments at all levels to strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, combined with the local daily supervision, consumer complaints and clues to report work, strengthen supervision, and in conjunction with industry and commerce, public security departments of the joint law enforcement, comprehensive investigation Express business license cases, regulate market order. State Post Bureau will be combined with law enforcement activities, organize some key areas to carry out inspections and unannounced visits to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) postal administration special action to carry out spot checks. Sluggish, poor work carried out in the region, will focus on supervision, re grasp the effectiveness. In December to enter the summary and promotion stage, the State Post Bureau will carry out special operations according to the summary of experience, carding, carry out superior evaluation work, long-term mechanism to standardize the courier market order.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the special action and achieve tangible results, the State Post Bureau of postal administrations at all levels put forward four requirements. First, we must strengthen the organization and leadership, clear requirements and responsibilities of the division of work, highlighting the focus of remediation, improve the work measures, careful organization, strengthen responsibility, pay close attention to the implementation of. Two to clean up in accordance with the law, strictly abide by the law enforcement procedures, for violations of the law severely dealt with according to law, crack down, and actively fulfill regulatory responsibilities, to be strict in enforcing the law, violators are prosecuted, keep the pressure on the licensing violations, and earnestly safeguard the express market order. Three to play the role of synergy, so that inter regional cooperation and regulatory mechanisms, departmental coordination mechanism to be fully implemented. Four should pay attention to the information submitted to the work of special operations progress, case statistics, the main achievements and problems encountered in a timely summary and reporting.

Earlier, the State Post Bureau held a special meeting on the implementation of the State Council to promote the decentralization of decentralization to optimize the service reform with the spirit of the teleconference to deploy. Meeting the requirements of postal management departments at all levels in accordance with the state of the discharge pipe service reform teleconference requirements, adhere to decentralization, deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, strengthen the function of service, innovative services, optimize service processes, further release of market vitality and social creativity. Among them, the emphasis on innovative regulatory means and methods to strengthen the matter in the post regulatory and other specific requirements.