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Asia Logistics Biennale 2016 pre registration channel opened

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 17:11:24

In countries from 12th Five-Year to 13th Five-Year "change, China's logistics industry will usher in a new turning point in 2016. He Liming, President of China Logistics Association, pointed out that China's logistics industry is still in a period of strategic opportunity can be achieved, but also faces a series of contradictions and challenges. The traditional extensive development mode relying on cost price competition is unsustainable, the industry has entered a new stage of development with the transformation and upgrading as the main line. In other words, the traditional warehouse distribution system has been unable to meet the needs of the times, in the era of electricity providers, electricity providers warehousing, urban and rural distribution, large logistics, intelligent logistics, logistics will become the focus of development.

As a bellwether for the development of the industry, two years of the world's largest logistics exhibition in Asia - 2016 Asia Logistics biennial will be held on June 14-16 in Shanghai New International Expo Center staged again. The exhibition of "logistics change life" as the theme, is expected to more than 1200 domestic and foreign logistics providers will showcase covering integrated logistics services, real estate, air freight, road and rail transportation, port / shipping / container logistics, special vehicles, fresh distribution and logistics equipment of all aspects of the innovative technologies and solutions, highlighting the great changes the logistics service brings to the business environment and daily life.

At the same time, the 2016 Asia Logistics biennial also will join the thirteenth China international logistics Festival organized by the China Transportation Association, and in 2016 Asian and 2016 Chinese fresh distribution exhibition Expo and the 2016 international air cargo Chinese special vehicle exhibition held jointly, show the scale of a record breaking 80 thousand square meters, is expected to attract about 35000 professionals at home and abroad the audience.

In order to further enhance the professional level of the exhibition, the exhibition will be implemented in 2016 on-site admission tickets, tickets 30 yuan / person. If the audience to visit the pre registration through the website, WeChat and other official channels, you can visit the exhibition free of charge. Pre registration channel has been opened! Please click: r.tl-c.cn, visit the pre registration.

Pre registered visitors enjoy: 1) to visit the exhibition for free, free tickets for 30 yuan / person; 2) in more than and 50 in the same period of high-end salon forum free dialogue, big coffee industry; 3) enjoy rapid admission passage, to avoid the on-site queuing work; 4) a chance to get tickets to Shanghai Disney.

2016 Asia Logistics biennial booth sales far more than expected! Industry heavyweights and international exhibitors have vied for the first landing, hoping to seek cooperation and development through such an exchange platform. Up to now has been part of exhibitors include: Sinotrans, EMS, TNT, CNPL Cargo Airlines, AirAsia, Emirates Airlines, Shenzhen airport, C.H. Robinson, field logistics, Shanghai tieyang, ProLogis, Goodman Chinese, treasure Bay, Vanke logistics logistics, green real estate, Yingkou port, Yantian port, Barcelona port, G7, Huitong, a number of trucks, foreign logistics logistics, new Bingxiong, Matsushita, Annwa cold chain logistics system, and the world organization Lepp tank.

The exhibition will also be held more than and 50 professional conference of the rich forum, covering the city logistics, The Belt and Road, Internet plus investment and financing, logistics, manufacturing and logistics industry two industry linkage, logistics, FMCG and retail logistics, meat cold chain, medical logistics, transportation of hazardous chemicals, fruit and vegetable supply chain cold chain logistics of agricultural products and other hot topics. Focus on hot spots in the industry to explore a way out.