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Cai Jin: promote the integration and innovation of logistics industry

Befrom:FITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime:2017-04-24 17:07:25

 September 18th, Qinhuangdao port logistics industry investment promotion will be held. At this meeting, Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing vice president Cai Jin combined with the characteristics of the harbor area of Qinhuangdao's logistics industry, and the development situation of Qinhuangdao port logistics park, put forward his own unique insights and ideas on how to develop the logistics industry. 





Cai Jin, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing

Status quo of Chinese logistics development, can be summed up in two words: the first word is "fast": Chinese logistics development quickly; the second word is "low", although the pace of development of the logistics industry Chinese quickly, but the overall level is relatively low.

China's logistics development is very fast, where is it? According to the statistics of China Federation of logistics and purchasing statistics, mainly in the following four aspects:

Rapid expansion of logistics scale. 2014, the total size of China's social logistics reached 214 trillion yuan, is the largest in the field of economic data. From 2000 to 2014, more than a decade, China's annual average annual growth rate of not less than 20% of the total social logistics, the development speed is very fast. 2013 and 2014, although the pace of development of logistics has dropped, but still higher than the growth rate of GDP. In the process of adjusting the structure of the logistics industry, the logistics development of some new areas will be faster. For example, cold chain logistics, express logistics, electricity supplier logistics. 2014, electricity supplier logistics and courier logistics grew by 31% in 1~7 months in 2015 increased by more than 30%.

Logistics market is growing very fast. 2014 logistics revenue is 7 trillion and 100 billion yuan, is a very large number. Many large multinational companies believe that China's logistics market is the most promising market in the world.

The construction of logistics infrastructure is very fast. So far, has formed a nationwide, China Unicom's global logistics infrastructure network. In 2014, the total China railway operating mileage exceeded 110 thousand kilometers, 10 years increased by 1 times, ranked second in the world; highway mileage is 4 million 500 thousand km, the highway mileage is the world's first large-scale logistics park; more than and 700, outstanding national logistics park of Qinhuangdao port logistics park won the 2014 and 2015 Chinese logistics the selection and purchase federation; fiber production has an important effect on logistics informatization is the first in the world.

Logistics enterprises grow very fast. A dozen years ago, there are few annual income of logistics enterprises. Now, China's top 50 logistics enterprises - COSCO Group, in 2013 the annual income is $160 billion, the last year of the top 50 revenue is $3 billion. From these data can be seen, the logistics industry plays an extremely important role in the transformation of China's economy, is the key to the success of China's economic transformation.

The overall level of China's logistics development is low, low where?



The benefits of logistics in China are low and the cost is high. Logistics efficiency mainly refers to the ratio of logistics cost to GDP, in 2014, China's logistics costs are 10 trillion and 600 billion yuan, logistics efficiency is 16.6%. Japan's logistics efficiency is 8%, the United States is about 9%, the global average is about 15%. India, which is a developing country like China, is about 13%.

Low level of infrastructure use and development. Logistics infrastructure, including software and hardware, hardware is the road, transportation facilities, software is multimodal transport, hanging hanging transport, integrated transport system, etc.. China's hardware facilities, although the development of the world's second, but compared with the world's first u.s.. Land area between the two countries is not significant. The United States is the highest mileage of 470 thousand km railway, now is 270 thousand km, China is now a total of 110 thousand kilometers; China's highway mileage is only the United States highway mileage of 60%. China's multimodal transport system has not yet formed, the Ministry of communications in recent years is to increase efforts to support the suspension of transportation, but the development is not very mature.

The value creation ability of logistics enterprises is low. Now is the era of the Internet, the Internet era companies do not talk about competition, talk about value creation. The competitiveness of enterprises includes the value created by the enterprise for the employees, the enterprise itself and the community. From the enterprise scale, COSCO Group's annual income in 2013 was 160 billion yuan, equivalent to $21 billion 600 million. According to the 2013 rankings, the first is the United States postal service, the annual income of $67 billion, is the seventh FedEx, the annual income amounted to $37 billion 900 million, COSCO Group ranked ninth, less than the United States Postal 1/3, so the comprehensive value of China logistics enterprises to create low capacity.

Low level of logistics management. After the war, the modern logistics management mode has gone through 3 stages, the first stage is the physical distribution stage, corresponding to the shortage of economic production. The task is to mass production of finished goods in the field of sales with a highly efficient and orderly logistics organization mode to deliver to the end customer, expand production scale in the field of production. The second stage is the integrated logistics management model. In 70s and 80s of last century, Europe and the United States economy surplus from shortage economy to economic development, the mode of production by batch production into economic production, namely industrial 3, an integrated logistics management mode, the scope of activities began to extend to the field of production, procurement, process optimization of production process the goal is to reduce the cost. The third stage is supply chain management. Starts at the end of last century, the beginning of this century, in the process of economic transformation, the transformation of the mode of production into customized production, with a single customer demand for production, rather than sales. At the same time, logistics is also changing, process optimization and resource integration of logistics has gone beyond the category of enterprises, the formation of the enterprise and enterprise, the integration of resources between the upstream and downstream, in order to further reduce the cost.



China's current logistics management model is the first phase of the transition to the second stage, logistics management model is still relatively backward. The management level of logistics enterprises in China is low, the logistics operation process is complicated, and the profit is low. Specifically, the performance in four areas.

First, the innovation of logistics enterprises to develop the target model. The goal of logistics enterprise development should be to reduce the logistics cost, not to rely on the logistics industry to improve the level of profitability. For logistics enterprises, only to reduce logistics costs, in order to obtain profits. For the party, the whole logistics links are cost links, logistics enterprises only through optimizing logistics solutions for customers of Party A to reduce the circulation cost, and even reduce operating costs, so in order to realize the value of logistics enterprises, is also essential to achieve profitability of the logistics enterprises.

For the logistics park development and construction operations, the same applies to this truth. For local governments, it is not to say that after the completion of the logistics park, the introduction of logistics enterprises, and then you can safely collect taxes. But to consider the completion of the logistics park, to form a more convenient logistics environment, especially to make production enterprises feel the convenience of logistics environment, which is convenient and cost advantages of logistics environment is low, so that it can form employment and tax to stimulate local economic development. In view of the development trend of Qinhuangdao port logistics park, we should also consider the development of the logistics industry development target model.

Two is to highlight the nature of logistics, namely the integration of resources, optimize the process. From the point of view of integrated resources, the construction of logistics park in Qinhuangdao port area, the first to integrate the logistics resources, integration of roads, railways, water, air and other resources to achieve interoperability. On this basis, the logistics should be integrated with the cold chain, steel and other resources, to integrate industrial resources and logistics resources, the formation of port economic zone. Qinhuangdao port area through the port logistics resources integration, and integration of industrial resources. Make full use of the advantages of the port, and actively develop the logistics industry, and thus the formation of the port economic zone, from this perspective, the development of Qinhuangdao port business cluster is right.

Three is to achieve integration development. Logistics is not an isolated development of the industry, logistics is a social, professional industry, logistics park in the layout must be considered and other industries linkage development integration development. To Internet plus logistics essentially is also emphasized that the integration of the development of the logistics industry and other industries.

Four is to accelerate the development of innovation. Future logistics park must achieve innovation and development, boost the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.

In terms of the development of specialized logistics park, electricity providers, express, cold chain, agricultural products, chemical products, such as the development of specialized logistics park is to promote the transformation and upgrading of some local economic structure. With the development of Qinhuangdao port logistics park, Qinhuangdao port logistics park in the cold chain logistics, agricultural products, bonded logistics center, e-commerce center planning must be positioned in promoting local industrial restructuring and upgrading.

In the future, China's logistics industry is bound to show the trend of integration and development, innovation and development.