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308 kinds of hazardous chemicals shall not be transported by inland waterway

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 17:04:12

Recently, the Ministry of Transport Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of industry and information technology, Safety Supervision Bureau issued a "inland embargo of hazardous chemicals catalog (2015 Edition)" (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the "embargo directory"), clearly not through 308 kinds of dangerous chemicals of inland water transport. It is reported that the directory will be released from the date of implementation.

Jiang Mingbao, deputy director of the Ministry of transportation, said the "catalogue of the embargo" to "safety first" principle, designed to protect the safety of people's lives and property, protect the environment of inland waters. The directory published will implement the management of the main dangerous chemicals safety responsibility for the supervision and management of enterprises, and the relevant departments to provide an important basis; next, four ministries will also set up a working group and the group of experts, the establishment of inland waterway dangerous chemicals selection mechanism of the embargo embargo range re evaluation, dynamic adjustment mechanism is established on the basis of the embargo.

Basis: the implementation of laws and regulations of the basic documents

Due to the transportation of dangerous chemicals is related to the safety of people's lives and property and the environmental protection of inland waters, China's "Regulations on the administration of dangerous chemicals" provides a clear requirement for the inland river chemical products embargo. According to the provisions of article fifty-fourth, in inland waters closed, prohibit the transport of highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals banned by the state through the inland waterway; in other inland waters, no state regulations prohibit the transport by inland water transport of highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals.

So, what are "prohibited by inland transport of highly toxic chemicals and other dangerous chemicals"?

The regulations shall be borne by the Ministry of transport, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of industry and information technology, safety administration of hazardous chemicals, according to the risk characteristics of hazardous chemicals on the human body and water environment hazards and eliminate harmful consequences such as ease of clear factors. Therefore, the introduction of the catalogue of the embargo on the one hand is the implementation of the "dangerous chemicals safety management regulations," the specific initiatives, but also will become an important basis for further implementation of the document." Jiang Mingbao said.

Scope: security of dangerous goods and the drug and partial embargo

At the same time, the release of the catalogue is also due to the urgent need of practice.

It is reported that since June 24, 2003, China's inland chemicals embargo is in accordance with the "toxic chemicals catalog (2002 Edition)" implementation, namely 335 kinds of toxic chemicals in the directory of the embargo; however, this directory is in May 1st this year, implementation of the "hazardous chemicals catalog (2015 Edition)" replaced. The new version of the catalog was developed in 2002 to develop the "toxic chemicals directory" and "dangerous chemicals list", and to enhance the determination of highly toxic chemicals.

Jiang Mingbao introduced, according to the new standard, from 335 kinds of highly toxic chemicals significantly decreased for 148 species, 140 of which are the original species, 8 new species; the rest of the original species, 160 species were listed as hazardous chemicals, 35 no longer belongs to dangerous chemicals. The huge changes in the standard requires the release of the embargo catalog as soon as possible, to re clarify the scope of the embargo, so that the implementation of the relevant units. "In line with the principle of safety first, taking into account the smooth transition of policy, the trial of the" embargo directory "based on the scope of the existing embargo, the provisions of the 148 edition of the catalog of highly toxic chemicals hazardous chemicals contained all included in the scope of the embargo; by the virulent to 160 varieties of dangerous goods management in the new version of the directory, in view of the lack of in the aspect of risk characteristics, fully demonstrated the degree of harm to human body and water environment and eliminate the harmful consequences of the degree of difficulty, may have a huge impact on people's property security, inland water environment protection, temporarily continue to included in the inland embargo; new" embargo directory "is no longer included in the 35 chemicals do not belong to hazardous chemicals." Jiang Mingbao said.

Follow-up arrangements: the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism to adjust the scope of the embargo

It is reported that the trial of the scope of the embargo is repeated after the relevant ministries to listen to the views of industry associations, enterprises and experts, the formation of the 3 sector after the written comments. "But the" embargo directory "still belongs to the transition period of the policy, the Ministry of transport will continue to work with the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of industry and information technology, Safety Supervision Bureau jointly set up a working group and the group of experts, established inland hazardous chemicals embargo as soon as possible selection mechanism for inland hazardous chemicals embargo selection criteria, to determine the appropriate transport of dangerous chemicals the contents and procedures of audit evaluation." Jiang Mingbao revealed.

He said that the selection will take into account the inland water transport safety management requirements and the transport of dangerous chemicals enterprise needs, listen to opinions, open and transparent, scientific proof, democratic decision-making, the argument for inland water transport of dangerous chemicals promptly from the embargo removed, will be examined by practice or argument is not suitable for inland waterway transport of dangerous chemicals and new varieties timely into the scope of the embargo, and on the basis of the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism. (Zhang Tianshe)