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Traditional enterprise OCS more and more higher demands on Logistics

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 14:45:53

According to Qing group statistics, in 2012 the first two months of the disclosure of electricity supplier investment cases from the beginning of 9, the investment amount of $102 million, well below the level of investment in 2011. For a time, electricity supplier winter rampant.

According to Qing group statistics, in 2012 the first two months of the disclosure of electricity supplier investment cases from the beginning of 9, the investment amount of $102 million, well below the level of investment in 2011. For a time, electricity supplier winter rampant.

In 21-22 days, organized by the Qing Branch Group second Chinese Internet investment conference and e-commerce investment and financing forum, many well-known venture capital institutions responsible person has agreed that the development of e-commerce industry, although in 2012 China will enter the consolidation, but is still in a period of rapid development, a bright future. The e-commerce outsourcing service providers, light storage mode of electricity supplier companies, social networking business and mobile e-commerce companies and other models of electricity supplier companies will be favored by the capital.

The electricity supplier is still Spring is in the air.

IResearch latest statistics show that in 2011 China's e-commerce market, the overall transaction size reached 7 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.4%. Expected in the next 3-5 years, China's e-commerce market will continue to maintain steady growth, the average growth rate of more than 35% in 2015 to reach 26 trillion and 500 billion yuan.

Xu Xin, President of capital today said that the current capital of the winter, not the winter of the internet. She is very optimistic about the future development potential of the e-commerce industry, that 80 groups become a heavy Internet users, the fact that the better development of e-commerce provides convenient conditions. "We feel a good day for the rapid growth of the electricity supplier is still very long, no sense of winter," said Xu Xin.

Intel investment Chinese district director Bu Junquan said, when people are like a swarm of bees like exit when the opportunity may be produced, so the current capital from the electricity supplier industry tide did not reduce the degree of concern to the industry capital. "If a good electricity supplier exists, it can use its business model among the leading position, when it needs money, why don't I vote?"

Jun Liu Erhai, general manager of the joint capital, said the electricity supplier development unstoppable. In the face of eight hundred billion basic shopping network infrastructure is perfect, increasing the size of the user population gathering habits to form a network brand is gradually mature, e-commerce is an option, not an option. Tianya chairman Xing Ming said that the China Internet business and investment in the future there are nearly 20 years of good times, he is very optimistic about the electronic commerce industry, and revealed that the horizon will vigorously layout of tourism e-commerce in China, and the introduction of skyline guest travel platform.

Although the strong development of the electricity supplier industry, but it is now facing the capital of the winter.

Xu Xin suggested that entrepreneurs can accept the reality of the current capital of the winter, as far as possible financing, to hold the cash flow to ensure that the money can not survive under the premise of 18 months. Qing Branch Group founder Ni Zhengdong said that the current e-commerce is far from the harvest period, the field of electronic commerce financing a large part of flowers in ads, the current e-commerce enterprises should be more careful management of funds on hand. He also said that 2014 is the harvest of electricity supplier.

Vertical electricity supplier to intensive farming

The current market pattern has been basically established, Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com, Dangdang, Cuba as the integrated electricity supplier, customer, dream bazaar, wheat bags, such as red children for the vertical, handle, the U.S. group, F group, glutinous rice group purchase electricity supplier, basically every supplier companies are found in the industry by the status of. But in the electricity market based on the reign of terror must have a clear and accurate market positioning.

Qu Weidong, general manager of the Qing Branch venture capital, said that the current electricity supplier of several platforms are evolved from the vertical class electricity supplier, such as books started Dangdang and 3C started Jingdong. But in the long run, the vertical class electricity supplier website and platform class electricity providers have their own advantages. ChinaEquity partner Liu Zhaochen introduced it in the vertical field mainly depends on two points, first, pay attention to technical barriers and barriers of the company to enter the second time; and regard traditional areas to wireless Internet and Internet field to do the vertical, O2O mode.


The development of mobile e-commerce, for the vertical electricity supplier to bring new space for development.

According to iResearch statistics show that in 2011 China Mobile Internet market reached 39 billion 310 million yuan, an increase of 97.5%, but analysts believe that the rapid development of mobile e-commerce is the main driving force of the rapid growth of China Mobile Internet market. Last year, the proportion of mobile electricity providers in the mobile Internet market has been close to 30%, is expected to reach more than 57% by the end of this year.

Yang Zhiwei, vice president of Jinsha River investment believes that there are three types of entrepreneurial opportunities may exist. The first category to do sales of goods, second types of sales of lightweight services, the third main sales data.

Billion Ma, President of online technology Ke said that the current platform class electricity supplier accounted for 60% of the total electricity supplier in the field, while the vertical e-commerce accounted for only a dozen percent share, but also declining. In addition, the industry began to erode the traditional electricity providers cake, in the past three years the volume of transactions is respectively 1%, 4% and 12%, the data trend can not be overlooked.

Vertical electricity supplier is the Red Sea, not many opportunities, before the platform, after a stumbling block in the traditional electricity supplier of their vertical electricity supplier in the future is worrying. "Fine Ke Xing said.

Talk about vertical e-commerce who can become a winner, the first fine Ke Xing said, do vertical class platform in the top three; second, more sophisticated marketing efficiency and user experience are more optimized, to achieve "kenny". For vertical class electricity supplier brand should be settled Dangdang, Jingdong and other platforms, fine Ke Xing "suggestions, vertical class electricity supplier is very difficult, but still do not make vertical class electricity supplier, a business platform. He said.

Insiders said that the vertical B2C enterprises do not have a strong support group do not participate in this field's top electricity supplier of the infighting, guard their third of an acre is the best choice to spend the winter business. Although the expansion will affect the vertical integrated electricity supplier electricity supplier market share, but the vertical electricity supplier is more than the brand sells a variety of products, maintain a good brand image will have a fixed part of the consumer groups. If you do not want to compete for the position of the electricity supplier giant, do a good job in the development of vertical brand enterprise.

Electricity supplier service investment highlights

Since 2010, e-commerce market explosive growth process, e-commerce outsourcing services industry has also been rapid development. Especially in the traditional enterprise OCS process, the demand for specialized IT outsourcing, outsourcing growth. In addition, the online shopping market for higher logistics requirements, some focus on e-commerce customers logistics service providers have begun to appear in order to meet the needs of small and medium business.

According to the ChinaVenture hit group statistics, since 2011 the disclosure of electricity supplier services industry (including IT outsourcing, outsourcing operation and logistics) investment from more than 10 cases, such as e-commerce outsourcing service providers hee wave one after another in 2011 to get two rounds of financing, easy product network, E shop treasure won the second round of financing in 2011, the business school has been completed round of financing. The latest case is a mobile electricity supplier outsourcing client network, in 2012 to complete the B round of financing in February, investors, including the establishment of IDG capital and Lei Shun fund.

From the macro environment of e-commerce market, the traditional enterprise net more and more, but the electronic commerce needs technical construction, maintenance, operation management, logistics and other aspects of the traditional enterprise hands or face many risks earlier, Smith Barney's electronic commerce website "the state purchase" fail. Therefore, by the professional third party service is a higher cost and lower risk options.

Insiders said that due to the lower threshold of the electricity supplier service industry, the market is fully competitive, the lack of excellent projects with core competitiveness. However, because the field does not exist in the future giant monopoly, shuffling process, competition pattern of the industry still has many possible if investors can tap into early layout, excellent gene start-ups, so future investment returns will be very considerable.

In the e-commerce market under the pressure of fierce competition, the business enterprise faces two aspects of raising revenue and reducing the pressure of the cost, with the new user acquisition costs remain high, flow entrance as the front end of the industrial chain business, continue to highlight the investment value is gradually become the focus of the industry. According to the ChinaVenture hit group statistics, in 2011 a total of more than 10 appliance business class website to obtain the entrance of private financing, business segments covering the field of shopping sharing community, shopping search, shopping guide, price rebates, the social e-commerce has become a recent hot, beautiful said the completion of the third round of financing by the end of 2011, mogujie.com has completed the second round of financing in January this year.

ChinaVenture investment group analyst Feng Po believes that the reason why social commerce is not only favored important position in the whole business flow entrance electricity supplier in the industry chain, more important is the great imagination of e-commerce and social networking, network marketing after the combination. Advertisers demand for precision marketing, mobile application technology innovation space, has increased the attractiveness of social electricity supplier to investors.