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The logistics industry transformation: "Internet plus" Transformation Opportunity

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 14:51:59

The status of China's logistics industry in the national industrial strategy has been further improved.

In August 13th, the national development and Reform Commission issued a "notice" on accelerating the implementation of modern logistics engineering major, (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") required to take measures to promote the development of modern logistics.

"Notice" clearly, the key leading enterprises to carry out including multimodal transport, logistics parks, agricultural products (000061, stock it) logistics, manufacturing logistics and supply chain management, logistics, urban and rural resources products logistics, e-commerce logistics, logistics standardization, logistics information platform of emergency logistics and other 10 areas project construction.

According to the reporter, as of the end of May, the national development and Reform Commission to launch the project package, the logistics industry has become one of the 7 major engineering package.

The reporter also noted that the "notice", is to "before the release of the long-term planning of the logistics industry development (2014-2020)" and "three year action plan to promote the logistics industry (2014-2016) to further implement the" implementation. At the same time, will further deepen the reform of the bonus release.

Here it is worth mentioning that, in recent years, countries pay more attention to the logistics industry, also introduced a number of policies, some measures for policy system is continuously improved, the logistics industry of our country in the national industrial strategy to further enhance the status.

Superior financial research institute researcher Wang Wentao in an interview with the China made news reporter, said the notice is the biggest bright spot in two areas. It is a major logistics engineering service object illustrates clearly the requirements, these projects should actively assist the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt, the FTA policy, I believe the future will be more refined in the local supporting policy of Taiwan; two is emphasized to lead social capital to match with the national strategy of logistics project, proposed to fully mobilize social investment economy, this undoubtedly conforms to the current state of pushing the construction mode PPP call.

It can be said that, at this time, accelerate the implementation of modern logistics in the field of construction projects, significant.

Boost national strategy

Senior researcher in Industry Research Institute Wang Jian told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter said, at present, as the basic industry of national economic development, the logistics industry development lag restricts the development of many industries. As the basic and strategic industry supporting the development of national economy, logistics industry has a huge market demand and development space.

Wang Jian believes that investment growth slowed in the first half of 2015 to bring a lot of pressure on the industry, the second half of this year is the release of investment in China this year, the introduction of major logistics projects conducive to the implementation of fixed asset investment.

The reporter also noted that the "notice" mentioned in the ten logistics engineering field, there are a number of engineering and related to the current most popular Internet consumption, such as agricultural products logistics, distribution logistics, e-commerce logistics in urban and rural areas are related to the fresh, O2O distribution, courier and other Internet consumption. Wang Jian believes that the significance of the upgrade of consumption.

In addition, the reporter also noted that the "notice" also clearly pointed out that the current overall level of development of China's logistics industry is low, accelerate the construction of major projects of modern logistics, is to adapt to the new normal economic development, an important measure to guide social capital to increase investment in the logistics industry, promote the development of the logistics industry, for stable economic growth, has the important significance of the transformation of the mode of development and improve the competitiveness of the national economy, promote the adjustment of industrial structure.

Wang Wentao put forward his own views on the significance of modern logistics. He said that China's current economic structure adjustment and industrial upgrading to significantly accelerate the pace of regional coordinated development, industrial transfer and urbanization as the main direction of foreign policy to the advantage of production to go out and deeply participate in international exchanges and cooperation as the main theme. Therefore, only the "Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt and other three national strategy. Whether it is "The Belt and Road" Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration infrastructure, industrial transfer, or the golden waterway of the Yangtze River economic belt construction, behind the focus on the logistics industry, logistics transportation for them or to support, or to provide logistics channel.

In the face of downward pressure on China's current economic background, combined with the international economic environment, stimulating domestic consumption demand is undoubtedly a strong starting point for steady economic growth. In order to further stimulate consumption, whether it is to vigorously develop the rural electricity supplier, or continue to promote cross-border electricity supplier, which requires logistics industry as the foundation, and the expansion of consumption but also on the scale of modern logistics industry and put forward higher requirements." Wang Wentao further said that to promote the development of modern logistics is not only an objective requirement to adapt to the trend of economic globalization, but also a necessary guarantee for the rapid development of the national economy, but also help the national strategy of effective protection.

In fact, the reporter also learned that, at present, the country to vigorously develop logistics industry, continue to introduce major projects and refine the logistics industry construction, in addition to closely linked and the significance it has at the same time, and the current development of China's logistics industry is inseparable.

Logistics costs are still too high

Low degree of modernization

Since 12th Five-Year, the development of modern logistics industry, both the central and local governments, the logistics industry are very seriously, therefore, the logistics industry has ushered in a period of rapid development.

According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2012 the national logistics industry added value of 3 trillion and 500 billion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 9.1%. In 2012, the added value of logistics industry accounted for 6.8% of GDP, accounting for the proportion of the added value of the service sector was 15.3%.

According to public reports show that in 2012 China's logistics costs accounted for the total GDP ratio was 18%, down 0.8 percentage points higher than in 2004 18.80%, insiders said, our total social logistics costs accounted for the proportion of GDP decreased gradually. It reflects the improvement of logistics efficiency in China in recent years, but the speed is slow.

During the interview, the reporter learned that, for developed countries, the total logistics costs accounted for about 10% of GDP. Compared with this, China's logistics costs are still too high.

Insiders said that the logistics cost is too high, will reduce the competitiveness of enterprises in the production of micro products, but in the macro impact on the efficiency of the national economy.

Wang Wentao said, with the current rapid development of the logistics industry, logistics has shown a good momentum toward standardization, information, intelligence, intensive development, and these aspects, developed countries do better. Therefore, the establishment of a modern logistics service system, improve the overall economic efficiency and effectiveness will be "the development of the logistics industry in 13th Five-Year" during the main target.

In fact, since 2015, China's logistics industry in all aspects of development has achieved remarkable results. According to the China Federation of logistics and purchasing statistics, the first half of 2015, the national social logistics total 104 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 5.7%; the ratio of total logistics costs to GDP was 16.1%, down 0.3 percentage points over the same period last year, significantly improve the efficiency of logistics operation.

Wang Wentao said that due to the development of the logistics industry has its own objective laws, so the current results are more focused on the delivery of infrastructure. Of course, at the same time, we also want to see the current logistics industry is moving toward standardization, information, intelligence, intensive development.

"China's logistics costs accounted for the proportion of GDP in recent years has declined, but the proportion is still in the world at a very high level, high cost of logistics criticized, cold chain logistics, especially logistics development speed is far behind the demand, especially in the current national economic growth slowed under the condition of the development of modern logistics of great engineering significance major." Wang Jian also told reporters, in addition, due to the short time of development, the main problems in the development of China's logistics modernization is the low level, followed by the development of city and rural logistics industry are not balanced phenomenon. Wang Wentao said.

According to the reporter, in China's central and western regions, due to its special geographical environment, coupled with weak infrastructure, but also led to the development of the logistics industry is relatively backward. The central and western regions is an important agricultural production areas, including a lot of specialty agricultural products, and now due to the limitations of logistics, the impact of considerable. From the 12th Five-Year proposed the development of the logistics industry to now the introduction of supporting documents, I believe that the implementation of modern logistics major projects for the central and western regions undoubtedly, is an absolute positive.

Wang Wentao also said that for the low level of city and rural modernization, the imbalance of these problems, with the State Department in 2014 issued a "long-term planning" to gradually implement in the future to effectively solve the development of the logistics industry.

Intelligent logistics will become the trend

Reporters noted that the "notice" clearly, to 2020, the ratio of total logistics costs and gross domestic product on the basis of the current 16.6% to 1 percentage point decline in national economic security and support function of the logistics industry to further enhance. Logistics industry added value of an average annual growth of about 8%, the proportion of the logistics industry accounted for the proportion of GDP reached about 7.5%, the proportion of the logistics of the third party from the current increase of about 60% to about 70%.

In order to accomplish the specific goals, Wang Jian believes that the Internet consumption can be said to be China's consumption upgrade priority among priorities in the strategy, a number of traditional consumption areas in this year were shrunk to slow down the momentum, even the "golden ten years" car market also appeared negative growth, the rapid growth of Internet consumption is maintained more important, the future around the Internet consumption of logistics engineering is likely to become a hot spot for investment.

Of course, this also to the logistics industry development direction of the road, is not only the demand around the Internet consumption upgrade, the logistics industry itself is intelligent, Internet is the trend of development of the industry, the national development and Reform Commission proposed to speed up the construction of logistics information platform, cross industry, cross regional logistics, improve the docking of supply and demand information and the use of efficiency, but also to encourage the use of big data, cloud computing in the field of logistics, the construction of intelligent warehouse system, optimize logistics processes, improve the level of intelligent logistics warehousing and operation efficiency, reduce logistics cost." Wang Jian analysis.

In the industry analysis, we can see that in the future development of the logistics industry restructuring opportunity will come from the "Internet plus" transformation.

In fact, presented in the "Internet plus" concept, more and more Internet giant targeting logistics industry. For example, the Jingdong and other commercial enterprises great success in logistics investment and effect, has shown a brighter future, Ali shares recently Suning is the main fancy line under Suning logistics layout and investment, Internet penetration of the logistics industry to open up the logistics distribution problem of the "last mile" has begun have a solution.

In addition, the future direction of the development of the logistics industry, the reporter also found that in 2014, the State Council promulgated the "logistics industry in the development of long-term planning" to do a detailed and clear exposition.

Wang Wentao told reporters that by 2020, China will build a modern logistics service system basically rational layout, advanced technology, convenient and efficient, green environmental protection, safe and orderly, the logistics industry standardization, information, intelligence, intensive level to a new level. Wang Wentao finally said.