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Road transport subsidies to highlight the advantages of coal prices in Shaanxi

Befrom£ºFITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime£º2017-04-24 14:47:39


Since August 1st, Shaanxi province began in Shaanxi province through closed highway transportation of coal (including coal, coke and coke) in Shaanxi Province, coal production enterprises, coal enterprises, the coal enterprises in accordance with the transport vehicles closed the expressway in Shaanxi Province on the actual pay toll subsidies 50%.

The implementation of this measure, the Shaanxi high sulfur coal road transportation to the Bohai sea port price advantage. According to reports, a person in charge of the procurement of electricity prices, and now from Huanghua port, Tianjin port and other ports of Shaanxi coal with 10 yuan per ton price advantage. Industry experts said that in the coal market downturn, coal prices in the long term, such a price advantage for downstream users have great appeal.

For a long time, Shaanxi coal by rail transportation bottleneck constraints, in addition to the choice of transport through the car shipped to Shanxi, is transported by car to the west of Hubei Province, and then transported to the Yangtze river.

With oil prices all the way down, was originally a short board of coal transportation has become an advantage. August 11th, international oil prices fell again, New York crude oil futures prices fell to $43.08 a barrel, the lowest price since March 2009. Coupled with the beginning of August 1st, 50% of the actual payment of tolls on coal vehicles in the closed highway subsidies, the cost of coal road in Shaanxi province decreased.

Yulin Municipal Bureau of statistics released data show that long-distance trucking in coal accounted for 20%, affected by the national coal market, coal prices (tax price) from last year's 250 yuan / ton down to 220 yuan / ton, a variety of reasons of coal enterprise production decline, individual coal enterprises even stop production, a direct impact on the reduction of coal the traffic volume of road transportation enterprises. The introduction of the measures, so that the cost of coal transportation business has declined, the transportation initiative has improved.

It is understood that, due to large reserves, good mining conditions and other factors, has been relatively low cost of coal production in Shaanxi. Data show that in 2014 Shaanxi province coal production of 5.15 tons, 5.01 tons of coal sales, the mining area of Yulin, and other high-quality Binchang Huangling coal output reached 4.69 tons, accounting for the province's total output of 91%. In addition, large and medium-sized coal production reached 4.8 tons, accounting for Shaanxi province's total coal production of 93.2%. The coal enterprises staff, Shaanxi coal production cost less than 100 yuan per ton of high sulfur coal mine.

1-7 months, Shaanxi province cumulative production of 262 million 712 thousand and 500 tons of raw coal, and the cumulative sales of 256 million 732 thousand and 300 tons of coal production accounted for 97.72%, the railway cumulative sales of 51 million 390 thousand tons, accounting for 20% of total sales, sales for most of the rest of highway. For transport by road to Shaanxi high sulfur coal in Bohai sea port, the advantage is very obvious.

According to the news of Shaanxi coal transportation and marketing group, after the introduction of the measures, the group in accordance with the relevant policies for the "Shaanxi province coal products highway transportation traffic" 1250, and according to the sales distribution to 7 sales offices, according to the Yulin area in Northern Shaanxi Province branch sales statistics, south of the vehicle from Shenmu to Xi'an, in 38 tons may return 570 yuan, tons of coal can save transportation costs 15 yuan.