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Ministry of Finance: reduce logistics costs to open up new economic development context

Befrom:FITTO LOGISTICS(THAILAND) CO.,LTD  Newstime:2017-04-24 17:05:10

Ministry of Finance issued a notice, logistics enterprises commodity warehousing facilities land tax concessions continue. CNR financial review during this period of concern, reduce costs and improve efficiency, with the logistics to open up new economic development context.

CNR net Beijing on September 2nd news reports according to voice of the economy "CNR Financial Review", the logistics function in economic development is very important, how to improve the efficiency of logistics under the new normal cost reduction is an important issue, now the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued on the continued implementation of the logistics enterprise commodity storage facilities for urban land the use of tax preferential policy, according to the notice of the spirit of the logistics enterprise commodity storage facilities for the extension of tax incentives.

Notice of the specific provisions, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016, the private logistics enterprises, including land occupied and rental, commodity storage facilities, reduction of urban land use tax levied at 50% of the land tax grade trial standard. Notice also provides that the bulk storage facilities, refers to the same storage facilities in an area of more than 6000 square meters and the main storage of agricultural products, industrial raw materials, minerals and other storage facilities. The date of issuance of the notification, to tax should be with relief, the taxpayer for deduction or refund after taxes. It can be found that the new policy significantly reduces the commodity storage facilities tax level, it will not only give the warehousing industry to inject new profit, will activate the further development of the logistics industry, so as to provide a new impetus to the economic development of the next step.

According to the latest data released by the NDRC website, in August the national railway daily loading appeared to stabilize the situation, gradually increase the volume of container bulk goods. July container average daily load growth of 5.8%, the average daily volume of scattered cargo growth of 18%, from August 1st to 27, the national average daily number of railway loading than the average daily scheduling level increased by 1.2%.

Positive changes in the logistics industry, at this time to provide tax incentives to support the warehousing industry, will bring what kind of chain effect? Logistics and warehousing is closely relationship between the two links, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice on the commodity storage facilities for the use of tax levied by 50%, as a result of warehousing enterprises is greatly reduced the burden, so the storage area, reducing the cost for logistics, and the development of the domestic economy the depth, will have what effect? Wang Xianqing, director of the Institute of economics, Guangdong Institute of Finance and economics for professional analysis and interpretation.

Wang Xianqing: the introduction of the policy has three aspects: first, the effect of real nature of large-scale storage infrastructure, return to its real welfare. In accordance with the law of the development of the logistics industry, the infrastructure is not just for an enterprise, an industry, but for the whole society, exempt from taxes should be. The past is not in accordance with the law, or by the change of policy adjustment, help investors and users play the enthusiasm, the infrastructure layout and expansion to further strengthen the logistics industry more solid foundation. Second, through the direct reduction of logistics costs, indirectly to the basic commodities and raw materials, industrial semi-finished products to reduce the price of the entire country's commodity prices have space and foundation. Third, so that the local large-scale logistics enterprises can become bigger and stronger, improve competitiveness, for the chain, modernization, go out to provide solid support and foundation.


Voice of the economy: from the current point of view, the logistics cost is not effectively reduced? Next, how can we truly form an efficient, cheap and safe logistics system in the country?

Wang Xianqing: over the past 5 years, the country in the logistics industry, the introduction of a department of policy, but also have a certain effect. But overall, the effect is limited, logistics system and logistics system has not been fundamentally changed, logistics costs are relatively high, logistics efficiency is still relatively low. In order to build an efficient and low-cost logistics system, there are two key aspects to break through. First, to further reduce the relevant tax system and price, and even through a variety of ways, such as tax subsidies, so that public welfare has been further reflected, so that the applicability of the goods slowly reduced, return to its essence. Second, since the country spend so much effort, the public infrastructure especially in ports, railway, airport, etc for large-scale investment, can not become a certain private sector or the interests of some people, we should try to make them into the whole national logistics distribution system, multi city transport, smooth channel, as far as possible reduce the clause segmentation obstacle, make point further combined into an organic whole, so that the logistics system is usually.

Voice of the economy: the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, logistics enterprise commodity warehousing facilities land tax concessions will continue. The logistics industry has a special position in the whole economic system, the development of the logistics industry, industrial layout optimization, upgrading of the industrial structure in order to be able to play a good effect, from the current situation, the development of the logistics industry, in what stage, what is the problem? Voice of economic commentators Liu Yan expressed his views on this.

Liu Yan: from the national support is concerned, is facing a new development pattern, including the integration of logistics enterprises, as well as tax cuts, etc., there is a great chance. But it is also facing the challenge of increasing the operating costs of enterprises, including labor costs, as well as not very good to ease the cost of taxes and fees, opportunities and challenges are co-exist.

Voice of the economy: a lot of people know that logistics costs in the current price of our goods is not low. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice to reduce the land use tax commodity warehousing facilities, specifically lists a series of related to the types of goods, such as grain, cotton, vegetables, wood, rubber, paper pulp, paper products, steel, cement, nonferrous metals and other fields, the new policy will have an impact on what are the specific industry, what specific impact?

Liu Yan: just mentioned a lot of commodity projects have a common feature, are small profits and quick turnover, the scale of the economy to locate the product. From this point of view, I hope to be able to effectively improve the logistics and warehousing industry profitability has not been effectively under the premise of continuing to reduce the land use tax rate, semi subsidies to enhance the profitability of enterprises. But the land use tax relief, is only a small part of the whole logistics enterprise tax, should include service links such as value-added tax, income tax and other benefits such as links, the taxes constitute the tax structure of logistics enterprises. In the future for a long time, not only to continue the policy, but also to grasp the specific implementation of the situation, in particular, there are some places in the threshold, many logistics companies can not be incorporated into the object. Land tax is a local tax, there are still a lot of guidance on the implementation of the level of resistance, should be given to get rid of.

Voice of the economy: how can we use the logistics industry in the future, the development of the new economy under the new normal passage?

Liu Yan: logistics, like the blood and arteries of the people, the new economic barometer of the most significant barometer of the two. First, electricity consumption and power supply indicators. Second, freight index, is the feedback of the logistics industry. The biggest problem facing the logistics industry, not only the tax problem, as well as the pattern of national integration and development of the group has not fully formed, it is difficult to go through the four seas, it is difficult to improve the effectiveness of the integration of resources 1+1>2 dividend. Therefore, the new economy requires a larger, more specialized third party logistics enterprises, for economic growth, production of information to provide the basic conditions and service conditions.