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How to better serve the energy logistics industry in Supply Chain Finance

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Today, in the face of new changes in the pattern of energy supply and demand, the new trend of international energy development, the rapid rise of energy logistics industry, the new normal under the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of new drivers. The author focuses on "remodeling industry during the period of transformation of this hot topic, only the supply chain finance and how to better serve the energy logistics industry, the points to readers.

First, the combination of supply chain finance and energy logistics industry is the perfect marriage

Supply chain finance is a very hot word. In my understanding, to say that the supply chain finance from the logistics finance. Logistics finance is to provide logistics financial services, but also provide financial products is the organic combination of logistics services, logistics companies and financial institutions, is the organic combination of logistics enterprises and financial institutions, logistics extension products, solve the financing problem of small and medium-sized enterprises, logistics enterprises, but also to achieve value-added services. Supply chain finance is a concept which is more extensive than logistics finance. It is a financial service provided in the supply chain. The key is to choose the core enterprise, extend the service to the upstream and downstream enterprises, and closely integrated with logistics activities. Simply put, that is, the bank will be linked to the core enterprise and upstream and downstream enterprises to provide a flexible use of financial products and services of a financing model.

It is not difficult to see from the concept, the focus of supply chain finance is the choice of core enterprises, and the choice of the core enterprise is precisely those strong, good reputation, strong brand of large enterprises. Only such enterprises, there is a stable supply and demand network, and in the supply chain upstream and downstream of the customer base in the dominant position, so these core enterprises favored by banks. With the continuous deepening of social production mode, in recent years, small and medium enterprises financing growth has been higher than large enterprises, small and medium enterprises to seek greater development, the urgent need to get more capital support. However, a single small and medium enterprises is difficult to obtain bank lending. To this end, they must rely on the core business, so that banks in the supply chain model, to all the members of the supply chain financing arrangements. So, for the banks, they jump out of the limitations of single enterprise, industry stand in the global supply chain and high profit model and risk control, by means of innovation and breakthrough, the small and medium-sized enterprises and the core enterprise's credit bound to provide credit, effectively solve the difficult problem of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win supply the chain cluster.

Chinese energy logistics industry alliance member units, mostly large enterprises have the energy enterprise background, whether from the brand, reputation, strength, technology, team and other aspects are fully deserve the leading edge of the enterprise, is the core of "pursuit", by the bank should better play a central role in the supply chain the better bank marriage with the enterprise, realize its value. The author believes that the supply chain financial model has broad prospects, great potential, promising. We have the ability to have the strength to play the core business strengths, in the field of business to go better, farther. So, to develop supply chain finance, so as to better serve the energy logistics enterprises, is the inevitable choice of economic development, is the perfect marriage of enterprises and financial institutions, it is a major measure to curb the like-minded.



The office of the Jizhong energy international logistics group is a large state-owned coal enterprises, Jizhong energy group's wholly-owned subsidiary, established in 2011, registered in January, after more than four years of development, and constantly improve the company size, profitability, logistics in 2014 operating income of 124 billion 300 million yuan, total profit of 1 billion 5 million yuan, has become a national 5A class logistics enterprise, 3A credit enterprises, has won the China advanced logistics enterprises, Chinese best energy logistics enterprises honor. The rapid development of international logistics group, efficient operation, thanks to the constant attempt and innovation in the application of supply chain financial model, thanks to financial institutions and small and medium enterprises to join hands, forming a mutually dependent chain. Supply chain finance has played an important role in the development of new profit growth point.

Two, the combination of supply chain finance and energy logistics industry is playing a huge role

What does supply chain finance bring us? Combined with the exploration practice in recent years, I believe that there are at least four points:

First, a new impetus for the development of smes. Any new enterprise, such as a newborn, they need lactation, care, survival, competition and other experiences, only after countless times of hard experience, it is possible to become strong. On the way to become a strong man, if you get the support of the capital, just like wearing a protective coat. If the enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, we must rely on the capital. To this end, financing is essential. Small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in the development of its own funds, sharp rise in fuel costs, staff wages increased year by year, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, even by strengthening internal management, to ease the pressure of rising costs, capital turnover is facing enormous difficulties. Therefore, when applying for loans to financial institutions, usually can not provide more fixed assets can be secured, and the existence of a large number of accounts receivable also exacerbated the turnover of corporate funds. So, the enterprise accounts receivable, become an important way to solve the financing problems of SMEs in the supply chain.

Supply chain financial products is the core of the supply chain from the enterprise, the core business credit amplification, the capital injection into the upstream and downstream enterprises, and through the supply chain risk monitoring to control financial risks. In this way, financial institutions have changed their focus on fixed asset valuation, instead of focusing on the assessment of the entire supply chain and real-time transactions, so that more small and medium enterprises can become the bank's customers. At the same time, a number of commercial banks in the field of accounts receivable in the field of effective innovation, to help companies quickly get much-needed funds to broaden the financing channels. Supply chain finance provides a solution for the idea and the technical bottleneck of the financing of SMEs has been influenced by the capital turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises suffering drought every rain". For example, the emerging commercial factoring business, enterprises can be accounts receivable according to a certain discount to sell commercial factoring companies, to obtain the corresponding financing, so as to achieve rapid cash support, inject new impetus to the development of enterprises.


The two is to find a new path for bank profitability. Supply chain finance provides a new channel to cut and stabilize the high-end customers, through a package of solutions for the supply chain system members, the core business is bound to provide services in the bank. Especially for large and medium-sized state-owned energy companies, banks are willing to deal with. Banks through the supply chain finance, not only to deal with a single enterprise, but also through the core business will penetrate the whole supply chain. In consideration of the bank supply chain financial services and risk model, trade risk, pay more attention to the whole supply chain, the overall evaluation of the trade, will include more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to the bank's service scope, information more complete and timely. Even if a single enterprise is not up to some of the bank risk control standards, as long as the core business of the enterprise and between business, banks can not only for the financial status of enterprises independent risk assessment, but the credit of the business, to realize the whole transaction.

Three is to promote the integration of multi flow, efficient integration. In the supply chain, the logistics, business flow, capital flow, information flow is the common existence, information flow and capital flow between the combination will better support and strengthen the supply chain of goods and services business (logistics). Therefore, the supply chain finance better achieve the "logistics" "business" "cash flow" and "information flow" and other flow, which is present in the fast fish eat slow fish market competition rhythm, provides a prerequisite for winning.

Four is showing great potential for development. Many large enterprise groups, has a huge business chain, involving many manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors, involving all aspects of product production, packaging, transportation, processing, distribution, market occupy a strong voice. To maintain a stable cooperation relationship with many small and medium-sized enterprises, through these large enterprises, so that they have the support of the bank, the ratio of revenue and cost of financing can be improved, the scale has been expanded, to achieve sustained their operations. For the core enterprises, improve the level of supply chain management, and enhance the competitive strength and profitability, all aspects of the same internal supply chain resources integration is interdependent, is a win-win situation, a huge potential for development, highlighting the economic benefits.

According to statistics, through the improvement of the supply chain financial solutions and improve inventory receivables and deferred payments, the United States, the largest 1000 companies in 2005 to reduce the demand for liquidity of $72 billion. Similarly, in 2007, Europe's largest 1000 listed companies from accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory three accounts set live 46 billion euros.

Three, the prevention of risk control is to maintain a solid foundation for the perfect existence of both


Supply chain finance involves a large number of funds and the supply chain of many enterprises to maintain the safety of funds to ensure the safe operation of enterprises is the ultimate goal. In 2003, Shenzhen Development Bank put forward the "N+1" supply chain finance model, which was recognized by many commercial banks. Whether N+1 or N+1 +N, they are the main solution from the "1" problem, that is, the core enterprise. They will be upstream of multiple N and downstream of the multiple N responsible for bundling. Therefore, the core enterprise risk prevention and control for the entire supply chain security funds, is the key to ensure the stable operation of the supply chain, how to better control the risk, is an important subject of core enterprises to consider, the combination of risk prevention and control experience of the enterprise, to share with you one or two:

First, we must establish a high sense of risk prevention. Firmly remember the risk control first, can not be quick success. To put the risk prevention and control in the prominent position of the work, emphasizing the prevention and control of risk is only the beginning, not the end, always in the ongoing prevention.

Two is to establish a risk supervision system, to adhere to the development, operation and management of the separation of the three powers system. Do a good job in industry research, industry decline, all enterprises in the supply chain are dangerous. To do a good job in the project before the foundation of the work, as far as possible access to first-hand information. The most obvious problem is that the image of the enterprise conceals the crisis, every potential crisis must arouse our vigilance. We must strictly enforce the rules and regulations, strictly in accordance with the contract. Scientific management authority, new varieties, new models of the project, so timely monitoring. To strictly implement the inspection system. Develop emergency treatment. To prevent in advance, that is, to carry out due diligence, select excellent customers as partners. In the event of control, that is, regular visits to customers, tracking management. After the remedy, that is, to take effective measures in time to sign a supplementary contract, to take legal action, according to the law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to minimize the economic losses of enterprises.

Three is to carefully select customers. First, a detailed understanding of the customer's credit, financial, property status, so as not to conceal the truth of the customer, there is no risk of repayment on schedule. Second, we must carefully select and properly keep the pledge. To choose a better liquidity of collateral, careful consideration of the risk of the realization of collateral. Avoid the choice of expired, perishable, volatile, controversial goods pledged, and bring legal disputes. To avoid the occurrence of damage to the goods due to improper storage facilities or improper storage methods. But also pay attention to the risk of debt default, to establish a joint venture with the bank account, effectively regulate the flow of funds to ensure the maturity of bank loans to return to prevent the risk of capital chain rupture.

Four, with the aid of "Internet plus" advantage, promoting the depth of integration, common development

In the future, China's logistics industry will be in the three phase of the development stage. That is to say, the promotion of logistics industry status, the formation of modern logistics service system and the construction period of logistics power. In this period, a comprehensive innovation and reform, a comprehensive platform for integration, a comprehensive alliance and cooperation, the integrity of the integrity of the construction of the four comprehensive, will become a common phenomenon and key tasks.

Especially with the countries in recent years, the logistics industry attaches great importance to deepening, and the rise of platforms such as electricity providers, integration of various industries to the logistics industry is deepening, manufacturing and logistics industry "two industry linkage", gradually moving towards the trade industry, financial industry "industry linkage," win-win cooperation "industrial ecology circle", "industrial integration" is formed. Therefore, we must comply with the requirements of the times, vigorously develop the electronic commodities trading platform, through the effective use of information technology innovation, transaction mode, constantly improve the transaction, delivery and service function as the key to better integrate business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow, and to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, save social total transaction cost.

From a strategic perspective, "Internet plus" is to create a new upgrade for the innovation and development of the logistics industry. On the one hand, through the introduction of the "Internet plus" of this new concept, logistics enterprises can effectively realize the integration and optimization of supply chain management, which helps enterprises to improve the service ability, creative ability and competitive ability; on the other hand, through the implementation of this new strategy Internet plus ", the logistics industry can break the closed, the original extensive development pattern, the market mechanism of the formation of a resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, promote intensive management advantages play a great effect.

In a word, "Internet plus" means the new evolution of a new generation of information technology development, plays an important role in the innovation and development of the logistics industry. The future of the market will be the world of the Internet, we can only keep up with the pace of the era of energy logistics companies, with the help of supply chain finance, better integration, in order to obtain new and greater development space.