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The seventh China (Shenzhen) international logistics and transportation Expo

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China jointly organized by the Ministry of transport and the Shenzhen municipal government of Chinese (Shenzhen) international logistics and transportation Expo (referred to as cilf China) is currently the only national logistics and transportation comprehensive exposition, is also the first in Asia and the second largest in the world of international logistics and transportation expo. Since 2006 has been successfully held six sessions, won praise. 2011 Expo exhibition area of nearly 60 thousand square meters, has attracted more than 1 thousand and 200 exhibitors from more than and 30 countries and regions, and 61 countries and regions, more than 79 thousand professional visitors in large scale, strong effect; professional forum held a total of more than 10, by more than 50 domestic and foreign guests made a wonderful speech, convergence Chinese and foreign industry wisdom, the audience full field.

Strong platform - the attraction will continue to expand

Exhibition to absorb the Wuzhou, logistics connected to the world, in 2012 will be held in the Expo 15 - 17 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of nearly 60000 square meters, exhibitors will reach up to more than 1 thousand and 200. Professional visitors are expected to more than 80 thousand people, during the exhibition will be held over the same period more than 10 professional forums and buyers will be purchasing, cargo matchmaking, bank financing, investment will be a series of activities.

Strong platform cilf, will not only attract UPS, FEDEX, DHL, TNT, Ma Shiji, the United States, Germany, Oakland, Papadopoulos Rui Hong Kong, St. Bonadinuo International Airport, port of Hamburg, Hannover airport, Hofmann door, emerald aviation, France, Holland, Rotterdam port, CMA-CGM Schiphol airport, Amsterdam port, Antwerp port in Belgium Ze, Bruges port, Taranto port, Italy, South Korea's SK group, Turkey airlines, APL, MSC, Liege Harbor Bureau, the Walloon region logistics Promotion Association, Orient Overseas, Han Jin, NYK, mol, EVA, Yangming, Hyundai, Kawasaki and other famous enterprises in the world and from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Russia, Latvia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives, Cape Verde and other more than and 30 countries and regions come to the exhibition pavilion.

Will also attract domestic COSCO, China shipping, Sinotrans, China Merchants, COFCO, deep international, Yi Yatong, Pegasus international, Chinese post, SF EXPRESS, Yantian, Shekou port, Taicang port, Tianjin port, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Airlines, Shenzhen airport, ICBC, Chinese Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, CIMC, Chinese truck, China FAW, BYD, Dongfeng Motor, Zhengzhou Nissan, Ankai, Wuzhou dragon, Hua Nancheng, Scania, MITSUBISHI, Hohmann door, Giti tires and other famous enterprises and more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide to participate in the pavilion.

HUAWEI, Foxconn, Lenovo, TCL, Konka, Samsung, ZTE, EPSON, Canon, Zhou Dafu jewelry production, the Great Wall and other manufacturing enterprises, commercial enterprises, WAL-MART, Carrefour, Metro, Huarun, 10000 Shirble, all music, Tencent, Alibaba, Gome, Suning, electricity will become a professional buyers cilf the large purchase orders at the scene. This will also enable the industry to play a greater role in promoting the development of industrial linkage.

Twelve exhibition area - the upstream and downstream exhibitors procurement, the formation of a complete supply chain

The seventh session of the ad hoc cilf logistics and supply chain management area, port area, aviation airshow exhibition, intelligent transportation area, passenger transport area, logistics equipment and technology, green freight and new energy vehicles exhibition, exhibition, exhibition area, transportation construction personnel of dangerous goods transport and storage technology equipment exhibition, traffic planning exhibition, Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan area twelve exhibition area, exhibitors downstream mutual procurement, to form a complete supply chain.

The effectiveness of the first - series of activities over the same period, bringing unlimited value

Adhering to the "effectiveness" of the principle of exhibition during the exhibition, the organizing committee will organize buyers will bring infinite series of events, value-added returns for exhibitors. The buyers will be the organizing committee will be in accordance with their needs, inviting large-scale manufacturing, commerce and transportation, logistics enterprises face-to-face negotiation and procurement, alone in the field. Freight forwarding, the organizing committee invited the global freight forwarding enterprises will be on the scene of one to one, one to many negotiations, in order to seek cooperation and work together to open up the market. Bank financing is the Organizing Committee for banks, investment institutions, enterprises to build a platform for cooperation. At the same time, the organizing committee will also assist local governments at home and abroad, major industrial projects, logistics park, business investment will be held on-site, and according to the different needs of exhibitors, with its products and business characteristics, help enterprises hold special promotion. I believe in the efforts and help of the organizing committee, exhibitors will be more obvious effect, a series of activities over the same period, but also for exhibitors to bring unlimited value-added returns.

Brilliant - high-end forum, sharing the global thought feast

In addition, buyers will forwarder matchmaking events at the same time, the organizing committee will continue to build a number of high-end forum in 2012 wubo, including forum, forum, forum, procurement professional cooperation forum, the theme of the forum, I hope to share a feast of ideas and logistics people around the world, and lead the development of the industry with advanced concept.

Global promotion - to create the never ending logistics and Transportation Exhibition

As an internationally renowned exhibition, the Expo has been very focused on publicity and rally, in 2012, the organizing committee will continue to carry out the global promotion of the Expo, with a full range of multi angle propaganda to create a never-ending logistics exhibition.

First of all, by more than and 700 domestic and foreign media organizations formed a powerful propaganda alliance will carry out three-dimensional media coverage of the exhibition and exhibitors, the organizing committee will also use the TV ads, newspaper ads and mainstream professional media advertising, network advertising, outdoor advertising, advertising and other advertising carrier Che Tiguang for promotion of cilf.

In addition, the organizing committee will be through various channels to the manufacturing industry, commerce and trade circulation industry and overseas customers are one to one, one to many invitations, think cilf organization more professional audience and professional buyers. It is expected that the direct demand for enterprises will exceed 15, the world's top five hundred enterprises, China's top five hundred industrial enterprises, the Pearl River Delta region of large-scale manufacturing and trade circulation enterprises are in the ranks of key procurement enterprises.

At the same time, the organizing committee will also be held in Shenzhen, the global logistics line, Shenzhen China logistics promotion activities. The organizing committee will go to the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Russia, Japan, Korea and other more than and 30 countries, promote fair and exhibitors in all kinds of exhibitions, activities, and work together more than and 40 foreign associations, together invite professional audience, sharing the exhibition platform. At the same time, the organizing committee will support the Ministry of transportation and the domestic more than and 20 provinces and cities governments, associations, enterprises jointly organized the promotion, the invitation of the various provinces and cities to participate in the exhibition, visit.